We Hike to Make a Difference.

We will be heading to Mount Shasta this year for our big fundraising hike!

Mount Shasta, California

Length: 11+ miles • Summit: 14,179 feet • Elevation Gain: 7,229 feet

July 17-19, 2020

In 2020 we have chosen a truly epic hike to challenge ourselves with, and bring in funds for Brave Trails! We will be hiking, and climbing, to the top of Mt. Shasta in northern California. Mt. Shasta sits at the southern end of the Cascade volcanic range, and is its second tallest peak, at 14,179 feet! It is one of California’s twelve 14ers, and the fifth tallest on that list. We tackled Mt. Whitney, the tallest, so now let’s get at another of the big ones!

Mt. Shasta sits alone in its region, along the upper Sacramento River Valley, 5000 feet taller than its nearest mountain neighbor. It is one of the most prominent peaks in the United States, so once we are at the top, we will have views 360° for hundreds of miles. Shasta is an active stratovolcano, but has been quiet for the last 300 years or so, not even a peep. It is a truly gorgeous mountain, in a region of forests, plains, and big waterfalls. It is 2 hours north of Redding (the nearest airport), along I-5, and 10 hours by car from LA.  

So what’s so epic and challenging about this hike? It will be unlike anything that we have done before. At 15 miles, it isn’t very long, less than Half Dome was, but we will gain 7,229 feet in elevation on the way up. Yep, it is steep! There are no established trails up Shasta like there is up Whitney. We will be hiking “cross country”. Because of the high level challenge of this climb, we hired Shasta Mountain Guides to lead us on this adventure and they will be taking us on Northeast Side Hotlum-Bolam Ridge climb see detailed itinerary. I will write a full route description in a later post. The other challenge? Snow! Shasta retains its snow until very late in the season. That means for at least half of the climb, we will be wearing crampons to work our way up the mountain. This will take some specialized training in mountaineering: crampons, ice axe, self-arrest, and glissading. But what fun to learn new skills. And glissading done right is a blast. And believe you me, we would much rather be hiking up a steep scree filled mountain on snow that struggling in loose rock, sand, and ash!

The region has many other wonderful places if any of you, like me, want to make a larger trip out of it: Castle Crags State Park, Black Butte, Pluto's Lava Cave. And huge gorgeous waterfalls: Burney Falls, McCloud Upper and Lower Falls, and Mossbrae Falls. Also the Lava Beds National Monument and Lassen National Park are just over yonder to the east.

Join us on this epic Adventure and register today! Lots of planning and training to do and reservations to be made! We need to a final headcount by March 31, so don’t delay!

2020 Climb At Mount Shasta