Georgia Arnold

Advisor - Marketing & Social Media

Greetings, friends!


My name is Georgia Arnold, and I’m a Texas lady organically homegrown in Houston. In 2015, I made my way to Los Angeles to study film and art history at Occidental College. Upon graduating, I decided to make LA my home. When I was 16, I began hiking and rock climbing to conquer my fear of heights. While that hasn’t quite gone away, my love for the mountains grows with every step I take on a trail. I first joined Trailmixer as a friend, hiker, and supporter, but I soon realized I could go beyond the trail to support this incredible group. I am so excited to be in this position because I am passionate about helping organizations like Trailmixer become more impactful and grow their reach to better support their mission. 

I hope to see all of you out on the trails soon! Happy hiking, campers.

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