We Hike to Make a Difference.

We will be heading to Mineral King this year for our big fundraising hike!

Mineral King - Sequoia National Park, California 

Length: 15+ miles • Summit: 12,467 feet • Elevation Gain: 4,523 feet

July 19-21, 2019

Mineral King is a remote section of the southern part of Sequoia National Park, up a very tiny windy road, that tour buses and RV's are unable to navigate, so the throngs of tourists are unable to invade here! The Mineral King valley is very alpine in geography, looking a lot like Switzerland. And at the head of this beautiful valley is the distinctive Sawtooth Peak, with its sharp angled summit block.

Sawtooth Peak at 12,343 feet is a steep jagged peak, with gorgeous 360 views of the wild interior of Sequoia National Park, including the Great Western Divide, the majestic Kaweah Range, Kern Canyon, and even over to the east side of Mt. Whitney, many miles distant. This is a difficult 15-mile climb that will require serious training. The trailhead is at 7,820 feet, and our vertical will be 4,523 feet. We will have a clear trail up to Sawtooth Pass, at mile 5. From there it will be a true alpine mountain hike, scrambling up talus and scree to the summit block. This is a type of hike that we have not done before, but still not at all technical, as no part of it is more than class 2 scrambling. We will pass a few alpine tarns on the way, including the stunning Monarch Lakes, and Crystal Lake.  


There are a number of other short hikes in the area. Beautiful alpine lakes - Eagle Lake looks spectacular in photos, and a number of undeveloped and unlogged ancient Sequoia Groves - like the Atwell Grove, and the East Fork Grove, are just a short distance from the Mineral King.  


We will update you on plans as they develop.




Day 1 (July 19) is a travel day to Mineral King, a 5-hour drive from Los Angeles

Day 2 (July 20) is the summit climb up Sawtooth Peak and Needham Mountain

Day 3 (July 21) will be a day for short distance hiking, or just relaxing 


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