You Will Be Part of Something Amazing!

Whether you have registered for the 2019 Trailmixer Charity Climbing Event in Mineral King, Sequoia National Park, or is just a casual hiker looking for more information about fundraising or simply where to buy the best gear... this page is for you. 


Each participant  must raise a minimum of $1500 by June 19th. We've put together a fundraising packet to get you started. Be creative with your efforts, and you'll be surprised how well people will respond.

Training Hikes

Training for the climbing event is essential, and we hit the trail every 2 weeks. Check the events on our Trailmixer Facebook Group Page for more information.


Download a PDF with checklist of items you will need to bring to all training hikes and to the Summer Climbing Event. 


Safety is imperative! Don't take unnecessary risks and  make sure you have plenty of water and food. If you are planning to participate on the 2019 Trailmixer Charity Climbing Event, download the waiver, sign it, and email it back to us by July 1st.


There are spots still available at the Lodge, but you can also make your own camping arrangements. For more details:

About The Trail

Mineral King is a remote section of the southern part of Sequoia National Park, up a very tiny windy road, that tour buses and RV's are unable to navigate, so the throngs of tourists are unable to invade here!