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My name is Ulisses Guimaraes. I was born a city boy, in a small municipality in Brazil where I grew up. I moved to California early in my 20’s, and I have lived in Los Angeles for the past 17 years.


Like a lot of Angelinos, I work for the entertainment industry as User Interface & User Experience Designer. A casual hiker for years, I had a life-changing moment in the Summer of 2017 while driving back from a hike with friends at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. We had to stop the car because the sunset was absolutely breathtaking. We stood in silence for several minutes, watching the sun, as it lowered, changing the spectrum of light and colors on California’s most majestic range of mountains.


I knew then and there I had found my passion.


Only a few months later, my friend John Binninger invited me to participate on a hike to raise money for charity. I immediately said yes, and I signed up to hike up Mount Saint Helens. It was there, on top of the volcano that we discussed partnering up to form what later would become Trailmixer. I had been involved with the AIDS Lifecycle for ten years – 5 years as a cyclis & 5 years as a Roadie – and I loved the idea of creating an organization that gives back to the LGBTQ+ community.


I am thrilled to be part of this journey and look forward to helping build a community that is as excited about climbing mountains as it is about giving back.


Ulisses Guimaraes

Co-Founder/Secretary, Treasurer & Board Member

Hello my name is John Binninger. I grew up in Oregon hiking and backpacking with my friends as often as I could. My dad was a lumberjack and a forester who instilled in me a love of the outdoors. My mom was a women’s rights activist who taught me the importance of giving back.


When my mom became stricken with Alzheimer’s, she got to the point of not enjoying birthdays anymore. So, in 2013, on her birthday, I decided to celebrate her in a different way: With a small group of friends, I climbed a mountain to raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Association in her honor.


Each year that followed, we climbed more mountains, eventually raising over $70,000 for charity. Each year our community of climbers grew, and organizing the event became more challenging.


Last year as we climbed down over the unforgiving slopes of Mount Saint Helens, I asked Ulisses Guimaraes to partner with me.  Luckily he accepted!  


We founded Trailmixer in 2018 with plans to grow it into a bigger and more multifaceted organization. Some of our original hikers now hold Board positions. There’s really nothing holding us back!

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