We Hike to Make a Difference.

In July, we will back in Kings Canyon, backpacking on the Rae Lakes Trail. 

Rae Lakes - Kings Canyon National Park, CA

Length: 41 miles • Elevation Gain: 6,943 feet • Duration: 5 days / 4 nights 


July 15 -19 2022

Kings Canyon National Park, first founded in 1890 as General Grant National Park, the park was greatly expanded and renamed to Kings Canyon National Park on March 4, 1940. Kings Canyon is over a mile deep and it is one of the most famous backpacking trips in all of California; 41 miles of majestic Sierra wilderness. Elev. gain from trailhead to top of Glen Pass:  6943 feet. Roads End Trailhead – 5035 feet;  Glen Pass – 11,978 feet;  Rae Lakes – 10,538 feet.

Day 1

Roads End trailhead up Bubbs Creek to Junction Meadow Camp, 8200 feet – 10.2 miles and 3984 feet of gain.


Day 2

Junction Meadow Camp, up over Glen Pass, to the Rae Lakes – 8.8 miles and 4306’ of gain, 1932’ back down


Day 3

Zero play day!


Day 4

Rae Lakes to Upper Paradise Valley Camp, 6940 feet – 12 miles with 680 feet of gain and 4269 feet of loss


Day 5

Upper Paradise Valley Camp back to the trailhead – 9 miles with 1105 feet of gain and 2986 feet of loss; Mist Falls at 5.09 miles.


This is the great grandaddy backpacking trip in the SEKI National Parks! We will take a 5 day 4 night trip thru the heart of Kings Canyon, roughly 10 miles a day with packs on, with a zero day back in the absolutely stunning Rae Lakes. We will do the loop counter-clockwise so that we can end our adventure playing in the Mist Falls, for our lunch break on the final day. 


Kings Canyon is over a mile deep in some parts, all carved by glaciers. Most of our backpacking trip will be at the bottom of these canyons and valleys, along rivers and streams. We will often have to cross strong Sierra streams, water shoes are recommended, as are dry socks in your kit! The exception is when we will hike over the knife’s edge of Glenn Pass at almost 12,000 feet! Almost the entirety of the hike is within the Sequoia and Kings Canyon (SEKI) Wilderness, and the loop circles Mt. Clarence King, el 12,905 feet. Day 2 will be a tough day, hiking over Glen Pass with our backpacks, but our reward will be a day off to rest and explore the Rae Lakes valley. This is bear country! Bear jars are required.


We will meet and stay at a motel/hotel Thursday night the 14th, in order to guarantee an early start on the 15th. This location is TBD, possibly in Visalia. It is also possible that we will get the same for the night after the trip on the 19th. It is a nearly six-hour drive from Los Angeles to the trailhead, and a 3.5-hour drive to Visalia. Accommodations and Ride sharing to be worked out after the group is set.


The hike is all class 1 on-trail hiking. Permit restricted to 15 people. Permit cost of $10 per person is part of the registration fee. Entry into the National Park is $35 per vehicle. Other costs will be personal gear and food, plus the hotel on Thursday night, and after the hike.

General Information 

Required Gear:

  • 5-Day backpack, min. 60L

  • All typical backpacking gear, including sleeping gear, tent, stove and cooking gear, appropriate clothing for temperature and weather conditions.

  • Sleeping bag, min of a 20° bag.  At these elevations, it will get cold at night.

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses

  • Personal water filter and containers

  • Bear canister

  • Appropriate clothing and gear for deep water crossings, you will get wet.

A more detailed gear list will be shared with all hikers as we get closer to the event.