Join us for our Unicorn Hike, a Collaborative & Educational Community Event

Trailmixer OUTdoor Community Programs, or Unicorn Hikes, are public-facing events that focus on outreach to and impact on our community, particularly underserved LGBTQ+ youth in the Los Angeles area. 

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Join us for a Harvey Milk Day outdoor service event to fight for the environment! Harvey said, "hope will never be silent" so we're going to get loud and proud at the Audubon Center Debs Park, caring for native plants and trees that fight climate change and provide vital habitat for our local ecosystem. This means we will get a little dirty, clearing out some weeds so that we can water the plants and get them ready for the long, dry summer. The plants and Mama Earth will thank you!


We recommend pants and close toed shoes, and bring a bottle of water that we can refill on sight. We also plan to have snacks and refreshments before and during the event to keep everyone happy. And don't forget about all the good vibes you'll get from helping the planet! That is enough to make you smile for a week.

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COVID Precautions: If you are unvaccinated, we encourage you to wear a mask on the hike; Three feet of distance should be kept between hikers not in the same party; If you are feeling any covid-related symptoms we ask that you stay home for the safety of others

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