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Our Partners

We are looking for new organizations to partner with! 

Trailmixer was born from the love of nature and the outdoors, and from the desire to create a warm, fun, and integrated community where everyone can participate by either helping to raise money for the cause or just by attending one of our numerous outdoor events. 


As we grow, we will continue to build upon what we have learned in the past few years so we can make an even bigger difference in the lives of our LGBTQ+ community and allies.

With that in mind, we are seeking new partners that share our mission of bringing LGBTQ+ youth to the outdoors in a safe environment, teaching outdoor skills and leadership. 

Interested? Email us!

We are in great company


Camp Brave Trails

Brave Trails is a national non-profit organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ youth leadership, offering accredited summer camps, backpacking trips, family camps and more. Trailmixer and Brave Trails have been close partners since Trailmixer’s inception.


In 2019 and 2020, the Trailmixer OUTdoor Access Fund (TOAF) supported Camp Brave Trails, an LGBTQ+ youth summer leadership camp. Our fundraising climbs paid for 52 scholarships totaling nearly $50,000. Of the $65,000 in 2022, $35,000 funded scholarships, allowing 37 low-income campers to attend Camp Brave Trails in 2022.

Visit Brave Trails


Outward Bound Adventures (OBA)

OBA is dedicated to providing outdoor education, conservation and environmental learning expeditions for primarily low income, urban and rural youth and their families who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience time spent in wild places and open spaces.


In 2022, Trailmixer was proud to award 12 scholarships totaling $20,000 from the Trailmixer OUTdoor Access Fund to OBA to create their first-ever all-LGBTQ+ cohort in their Environmental Studies Expeditions program.

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NOLS is a nonprofit global wilderness school that aims to be the leading source and teacher of wilderness skills and leadership that serve people and the environment. NOLS Affinity Expeditions provide LGBTQ+ people a queer-positive environment to grow outdoor skills, gain confidence in the face of new challenges, and explore, learn and connect in a wilderness environment.


Trailmixer's OUTdoor Access Fund fully funded two scholarships for NOLS’ Affinity Expeditions and Courses in 2022, including the required equipment deposit, totaling $6,000.

Visit NOLS


Nature For All

Nature for All is committed to finding, educating, developing and encouraging environmental stewards to care for our public lands and to advocate for the protection and enhancement of our mountains, forests, rivers, parks and urban open spaces.


In 2022, Trailmixer OUTdoor Access Fund awarded two scholarships, totaling $4,000, to eligible low-income LGBTQ+ teens to attend Nature for All’s Leadership Academy, a long-term training program teaching organizing and advocacy skills, civic engagement and local community action.

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Patagonia Pasadena

Our partnership with Patagonia's team in Pasadena and Santa Monica blossomed in April 2021 and we haven't looked back since. The support of Patagonia has been invaluable to Trailmixer's growth and community visibility in the last two years. From tabling in-store to participating in community events to donations, the support and partnership we have with Patagonia span far and wide in so many different ways. We are so fortunate to be an Environmental Grants Recipient (2021-22) from Patagonia's Pasadena store. This grant has allowed us to expand and build upon our local community events, our Unicorn Hikes, and set a path forward to grow Trailmixer as a local, grassroots organization.

Visit Patagonia Pasadena


Geffen Playhouse

Our partnership with Geffen Playhouse is a new and unexpected one, but one we are incredibly grateful for! Geffen Playhouse and Trailmixer are partnering up to make theater AND the outdoors a more accessible, inclusive space for LGBTQ+ folks. In 2022, Geffen Playhouse invited Trailmixer to be a part of their opening weekend community event for the first show of their '22-23 season, The Inheritance. This event invited local LGBTQ+ organizations like Trailmixer to take part in a community picnic event in between Part I and Part II of the two-part show to support Trailmixer's growth and community awareness! Additionally, Geffen Playhouse has provided Trailmixer with donations through a revenue share for the run of the show into November. We thank Geffen Playhouse immensely for this opportunity to be introduced to a new audience who we can bring into the outdoors with us and support our mission! Watch Video.

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