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Upcoming Events


We are very excited about this summer's events! We worked very hard on securing permits for three amazing destinations, all in California and we do this to fundraiser for the Trailmixer's OUTdoor Access Fund.


Will you do one, two or all three?

Simone Woods


A weekend backpacking trip and mountain climbing, this Eastern Sierra adventure will start from Bishop, CA. This is a climb that less experienced mountaineers in great condition can conquer.

Nicole Yang


Our second adventure of the summer will take us on a five-day, four-night backpacking trip to the Lake Tahoe region, climbing Dick's and Jack's Peaks along the way in the Desolation Wilderness.

Calvin Smith


We will be backpacking six days and five nights in one of the most incredible routes in all of the Sierra Nevada, the North Lake South Lake Loop, starting from the Bishop Pass trailhead at South Lake.

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