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Our Programs


Environmental Education & Outdoor Adventure

Creating educational adventures to foster a more diverse and impactful community is an important part of our mission. We're actively working to connect underserved LGBTQ+ young people through outdoor opportunities, while teaching the importance of ecological awareness, preservation, conservation and recovery. We believe that each experience will lead to a greater understanding of nature and our place in it.

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OUTdoor Community Programs & Events

Unicorn Hikes

Our program of short, LA-local Unicorn Hikes connect young LGBTQ+ adults with the outdoors and each other. We provide a safe, inclusive environment that encourages exercising, learning, socializing and of course, lots of fun. Trailmixer's Unicorn Hikes are created in collaboration with our partners, so they're free of charge for all who wish to participate.


Events in the Los Angeles are scheduled every four months. Check Get OUT for recent updates. 



Unicorn Hikes are open to LGBTQ+ young adults (ages 12-25), allies, parents and guardians, as well as Trailmixers, Staff, Board Members and friends. Participation is FREE!


Altitude & Duration

Hikes are 2-3 miles maximum, with elevation gain up to 500 feet.​

Hikes, Backpacking Trips & Climbs

An important part of Trailmixer's mission is to create a passionate collective of activist-hikers who strive to make outdoor spaces more inclusive and accessible to LGBTQ+ folks, people of color and other underserved communities. To that end, we host weekly hikes from January to September in some of Southern California's most spectacular locations. Our climbs become more challenging with each week. In this way, we provide expertise and training for our amazing Trailmixers, who participate in our Annual Fundraiser Climbs and take on the important job of raising money for the Trailmixer OUTdoor Access Fund.


Training hikes are scheduled every weekend from January to September. Email us to learn more.


Training hikes are open to anyone who loves hiking and the outdoors - and have attended at least one of our other events.


Altitude & Duration

Hike lengths and locations vary, while increasing in mileage and altitude gain week over week as we get closer to our Annual Fundraiser Climb.

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